Racing is our DNA. Coral Reef Yacht Club has grown to be known as a premier yachting center. Our Race Committee is second to none.For over sixty years, sailors from all over the world have entered through our stately royal palmed driveway to participate in some of the best competitions in the world of yacht racing.
Over the years, many great regattas have been hosted by our Club, including the 2008, 2016, and 2020 Star Worlds, Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta, Bacardi Cup and Bacardi Miami Race Week, Lightning Midwinters, Etchells Coral Reef Cup, and the World Sailing Olympic Classes Regatta. We are excited to co-host the Etchells World Championship in 2023.  Not only do we host great regattas, CRYC has Members who are great sailors including two Rolex Yachtsmen of the Year, World Champions, US Singlehanded Youth Sailing Championship for Women for the Leiter Cup and the US Rep for Snipes in the Pan Am Games. CRYC is also a participant in Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association and the Columbus Day Regatta.

Race Committee

Welcome to Coral Reef Yacht Club’s Race Committee. This committee, which has been a part of CRYC since its inception, is in keeping with the object of the Club, ”… to promote good boating practices; to publicize the advantages of this area as a yachting center and to promote regattas and other types of marine competition”.  Our committee is the largest in the Club with over 100 members serving in a variety of jobs. We are very busy. CRYC is the premier yacht racing club in South Florida. We have held World Championships and Olympic trials throughout the years that have made CRYC a recognized yacht club throughout the world. 
The duties of the Race Committee include regatta planning, fundraising, registration, equipment maintenance, hospitality, scoring, race management, and education.Through our well established certified Principal Race Officers, Judges and Mark Boat Operators, newer members can learn quickly and enjoy a day on the water performing duties which enhance the Club’s reputation one race at a time. During a typical season, we have over 50 days “on the water” conducting races. 
Many of our volunteers operate their own boats during the regattas either as the Signal Boat, Mark Set Boat, Safety Boat and occasionally as spectator, Judge or press boats. They get reimbursed for their fuel expenses and earn the Race Committee member benefits. There are numerous plaques in the Yardarm Bar recognizing volunteerism as well as leadership in yacht race management. 
The Race Committee holds a meeting at 6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of most months (check the Club calendar for exact dates) to organize regattas, learn from experiences and to enjoy each other’s common interest. 
The RC Chair will match up new volunteers with those that are more skilled; thereby maintaining our skill level and while developing more team members. Computer oriented members can join the CRYC Scoring Team or help maintain the Race Committee Log of events. Socially friendly folks can work the registration and hospitality table at weekend races or our major regattas.
The CRYC Race Committee supports Class and Regional yacht racing organizations including the Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association (BBYRA), Star Class, Snipe Class, Etchells Class, Orange Bowl Regatta (over 700 boats skippered by kids under the age of 18), ISAF World Cup, Bacardi Miami Sailing Week, and Lightning Southern Circuit.  It is through our excellent race management that our Club is recognized worldwide.
Race Committee members work hard but have several fun benefits.  In addition to a beautiful day on the bay, we earn CRYC drink tickets and CRYC Race Committee clothing and Race Committee and Regatta parties.
If you wish to join the CRYC Race Committee please e-mail the R/C Chair or plan to attend our next Race Committee meeting.

Race Schedule

2024-2025 Coral Reef

Racing Schedule

May be subject to change. 
Additional local races can be viewed at

Trophy Case

Click HERE to see a pictoral of our Club's Perpetual Trophies

The Center of Effort and The Dockwalloper are awarded to CRYC Members

Center of Effort Award

Awarded annually for dedication and outstanding contributions to the
Coral Reef Yacht Club Race Committee.
It was established in 1996.
- In Memory of Clint Hamilton -
1996 Janie Kinsella
1997 Jose Calderon
1998 Bill Smoak
1999 Carla Imbrie
2000 Rick Bertold
2001 Lee S. Imbrie
2002 David Brennan
2003 Rich Raymond
2004 Tricia Sandler
2005 Bea Labbee
2006 Cindy Saunders
2007 Joan Lawrence
2008 Sharon Bivans-Bourke
2009 Connie Bischoff
2010 Stuart Sprague
2011 Trigg Adams
2012 Jon Stemples
2013 ​Jane Anne Pincus   
2014 Sally Browne
2015 Michael Catalano
2016 Sue Nichols
2017 Fay Regan
2018 Sharon Wynne
2019 Win & Carol Cooper
2020 Jon Ewing
2021 Ed Fry
2022 Rick Mallinson
2023 Shari Vaughan
2024 Gerry Bourke

Dockwalloper Award

The DOCKWALLOPER AWARD is presented annually by CORAL REEF YACHT CLUB to a Member or spouse whose leadership in connection with amateur yacht racing, under sail, in bay or ocean, merits special recognition. It was established in 1961.
1961 Timothy J. Sullivan
1962 Alexander Y. Hiss
1963 Forrest H. Lee
1964 Frederick L. Keyes
1965 Carlos De Cardenas
1966 Thomas B. McGahey
1967 John W. Price
1968 Matthew A. Larkin
1969 Read S. Ruggles, Jr.
1970 Herbert W. Virgin, Jr.
1971 Edward W. St. Mary
1972 Paul L. Andre
1973 Joseph T. Gardner
1974 Bruce L. Peterson
1975 Oscar Nelson
1976 Clinton M. Hamilton
1977 John N. Adam, Jr.
1978 Donald H. Bliss
1979 Wally Gaffney
1980 James B. Sprague
1981 William M. Smoak
1982 M. Van Allen, Jr.
1983 J. M. Schoonmaker
1984 Jean C. Stearns
1985 Richard D. Wall
1986 D. Ross Haverfield
1987 R.B." Skip" Ryder, Jr.
1988 John Hastings
1989 F. T. "Pat" Virgin
1990 D. Blake Flitman
1991 Hugh Carrier
1992 Frederick W. Preston
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Frank Zagarino
1995 Gonzalo A. Diaz
1996 Craig Prandini
1997 Jock Fink
1998 Jane Anne Pincus
1999 Not Awarded
2000 Jay Chen
2001 Larry Mero
2002 Harry Susskind
2003 William Anderson
2004 Carol Stout Ewing
2005 Sam Crispin
2006 Fay Regan
2007 Herb Quartin
2008 D. Sennett Duttenhofer
2009 Sharon Bivans-Bourke
2010 Richard P. Raymond
2011 Rick Bischoff
2012 Mark Kamilar
2013 Mark Pincus
2014 Connie Bischoff
2015 Augie Diaz
2016 Wendy Kamilar
2017 Magnus Liljedahl
2018 Jaime Ramon
2019 Stuart Hebb
2020 Ed Cabassa
2021 Chris Lanza
2022 Cindy Saunders
2023 Jon Ewing